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September, 27th 2014

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Francesco Fulvi lead the Ice Cube Experiment meeting: the demonstration of sustainability

Francesco Fulvi lead the final meeting about the Ice Cube Experiment: a sustainable architecture reality

with the enthusiastic participation of the public and the authorities

September, 13th 2014

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the Ice Cube Experiment: the sustainable architecture test match

from 13th to 23rd of September in Parma Francesco Fulvi and KlimaHaus lead the Ice Cube Experiment, demonstration of the potential of sustainable architecture

in collaboration with Municipality of Parma, Parma Industry Association, University of Parma

July, the 5th 2014

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Energy efficiency meeting

Francesco Fulvi joined to KlimaHaus meeting about energy efficiency

June, the 6th 2014

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Climate change meeting

Francesco Fulvi joined to climate change meeting @ ViverVerde festival

November, the 5th 2013

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Improving our skills and knowledges: Studio Fulvi and wooden house design

Francesco Fulvi accomplished CasaClima course for wooden house design

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